We have 4 programs available for your group of grown-ups.

The Secret Lives of Skunks:

Through a visual, PowerPoint presentation, discover fun facts about this misunderstood mammal: where they live, how they survive and ideas for minimizing conflict with humans. A LIVE skunk will be observed as part of this informative, one-hour program.

Coyote – Our Urban Adapter:

Utilizing data collected in recent big city studies, this one hour educational presentation will look at the history, the myths and the facts about one of North America’s most highly adaptable animals.

Oh Deer!:

Whitetail deer are one of the largest and most easily recognized animals in Michigan! Considered majestic by some and a nuisance by others, there is no doubt that this fascinating mammal is adapted to survive Michigan’s ever changing landscape and four seasons. This one hour program takes a closer look at both the natural and seasonal cycles of Whitetail deer, how they communicate and how they survive.

The Nature of Chocolate:

Even though it doesn’t grow here in the Great Lake’s region, we are connected to the nature of chocolate every time we indulge! This interpretive program looks at the history, ecology and manufacturing of one of our favorite treats. An indulgent chocolate tasting is included in this 1 1/2 hour program.

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